Saturday, 14 July 2012

Makeover Time...

Hi guys,
Have you checked out the new look...
show us your stuff
How great does it look? We felt the blog needed some updating and Raquel certainly did a great job at "revamping" the site!
You may also have noticed that I've done my own blog makeover! I thought it was time I personalised my blog a little more, so I finally got around to creating my own banner! I had such a great time creating it! I think I did about 20+ ideas I was that keen! Which only made choosing the final that much harder!
I hope to start blogging about subjects other than just scrapping too, to broaden my audience and hopefully get some more followers! I hope this new banner will help new readers take interest and see me as a serious creator! Over the holiday's I have come up with some cool DIY's I hope to share with you- as a starting point!
Thanks for stopping by,
Sophie xx

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